1. Z

    Why is the monk in 丈二和尚 defined by Pleco CC as 3m tall?

    If you search for the phrase "丈二和尚摸不着头脑" in Pleco (iOS), one of the definitions (from 'CC') is 'like a three-meter high monk, you can't rub his head'. If we take the modern meaning of 丈 as being 'equal to 10 chi [尺]', or 3.33 metres, then in this phrase the monk seems to in fact be over six...
  2. C

    How to read dictionary entries without search input?

    I recently bought the chengyu dictionary, but I realized that I don't have any chengyu to look up...and the chengyu that I do have to look up I already know. So is there any way to "open up" the individual dictionaries for reading each entry as if it were in the list form of a real dictionary?