dictionary entry

  1. Mythaar

    Disable showing Traditional alongside Simplified

    I'm only learning Simplified, so having Traditional characters alongside them in dictionary entries is a nuisance. I have traditional characters disabled in the settings, and looked under the dictionary settings, but couldn't figure out how to disable it. Any help?
  2. L

    flashcard systen - change of dictionary entry

    Is there a way to change the dictionary entries for a whole category? I know how to do it for each flashcard manually, but is there a faster and more systematic way?
  3. S

    How to change dictionary entry in flashcards

    Hi, how can I set a different dictionary entry for a particular flashcard to be shown in the test? For example: 积分. Flashcard testing shows PLC, but I would prefer CC, because that actually shows more definitions and, most importantly, the definitions that I encountered this term with. I...