1. G

    Custom fonts

    Hi there, Firstly, thanks for such a great app! Secondly: What fonts actually work with andriod pleco?? I've downloaded a few and tried to follow what has happened in other threads, but none of the fonts seem to change anything.... I'd love to get a Kai font, does anyone know any which have...
  2. A

    Flashcard Font Override

    Hi! I think it's great that we can adjust the font size under "Display" when making a flashcard profile. I was thinking, it would be great to be able to have an override option available to change the font for testing with that specific profile. This would be great for things like when I want...
  3. X

    How to choose the Chinese font in Pleco Android

    I just switched from Pleco iOS to Pleco Android (Xiaomi Note 3). How do I get Pleco to use a nice chinese font in Android? In iOS for example I was using the FZKaiTi font from the Pleco basic bundle. Thanks!
  4. Will Buckingham

    Weird font issue

    I've come up against a strange font issue. I've downloaded a number of Chinese academic papers in PDF, which read find on my Mac. When I transfer them over to Pleco, however, the Chinese text is crazily messed up, as in the attached image. Oddly, though, Pleco recognises the original, unmangled...