graded readers

  1. D

    Graded Reader Updates - Changes?

    I'm curious if anyone knows what the changes/updates were to the 150-word vocabulary graded reader updates which I saw today (they may have come out a few days earlier). I couldn't find any info in the description, here's a screen shot.
  2. Tatarik - 晨星

    Passed HSK4 - which graded chinese reader is most suitable?

    Hello fellow Pleco users! :) Assuming I'm able to pass the HSK 4, which Graded Chinese Reader would be most suitable for me to read? 1000/1500/2000/2500 words vocabulary? Thanks a lot for any guidance. If the question has already been asked, please accept my apology and I would appreciate...
  3. Mythaar

    Mistakes in Rainbow Bridge Higher readers?

    I'm going through some of the graded readers from Rainbow Bridge that Pleco has to offer. Browsing through the first sample, however, already shows a strange piece of text (shown in the image). While the story is intriguing, I'm not sure whether I'm willing to buy it if this continues...
  4. E

    Graded Readers: Audio Samples?

    Hi, I did some searching but didn't find an answer to these questions: Is it possible to sample any of the graded reader audio content? Is the audio restricted to playback only within Pleco? (I'm guessing not, AFAIK they are just MP3 files). I'm much more interested in the audio content than...