1. T

    I can't change to Qiang text to speech

    There is only Cycle voices, apple mandarin and apple cantonese female voices in the settings. I restarted my phone but it still doesn't come, what might be the problem?
  2. Mythaar

    Importing flashcards already present in database

    I have the full HSK 1-6 flashcard lists already in Pleco, so the words in these categories are already assigned. However, I haven't learnt all the words from these levels. I want to import some flashcards from a text file, which I have seen commonly. I was able to do so, and they were...
  3. Mythaar

    Disable showing Traditional alongside Simplified

    I'm only learning Simplified, so having Traditional characters alongside them in dictionary entries is a nuisance. I have traditional characters disabled in the settings, and looked under the dictionary settings, but couldn't figure out how to disable it. Any help?
  4. Mythaar

    Can you remove a device when you've reached the 3 limit?

    If I have Pleco installed on three devices now, can I somehow "remove" my account from one so that I can instead have my fully-fledged account installed on another?
  5. A

    Creating flashcard categories slightly customised but not fully!

    Hi!! I am so sorry to be a pain and this might seem like a stupid question from someone who hasn't done their research but I am really struggling with this. What I want to do is create categories (on excel or wherever) of the characters I want to learn but only for the actual characters (not...
  6. W

    Download Older Version of Pleco?

    I had the 2.2.11 version of pleco with my older phone. I bought a new phone after the old one broke and downloaded the new version. I prefer the design and format of the previous version. Is there a way I can download the older version?
  7. M.Hale

    Help?? Please?? Just want Numbers for flash cards

    Hello, I am very new to this and am looking for a list of flash cards that are just the numbers as I would like to pratice them. Is ine already made ? Any helpful information is welcome. Thank you in advance!