1. C

    Pleco Flashcard System vs. Anki

    Hey Y'all, Wondering how people compare Anki to Pleco flashcards. I've looked briefly at threads to no avail, and Reddit didn't help me. My situation: I'm heavily invested as a user in Anki. I haven't yet tried migrating to Pleco's, but a few concerns/questions I had: Pleco's flashcard...
  2. A

    Is there a way to close the Pleco dictionary app on my mobile device without swiping?

    Is there a way to close the Pleco dictionary app on my mobile device without swiping? Or is there a way to open Screen Reader without opening the dictionary? I'm trying to use Tasker to close the app automatically, but my phone is not rooted and I cannot use ADB over WiFi
  3. LeonardoM

    Can't use iOS quality voices in Pleco

    Hi, In iOS accessibility settings it's possible to download better quality voices for most languages, including chinese. Unfortunately i just don't seem to find a way for pleco to use those downloaded voices for speaking sentences inside the App, so I'm stuck with the 'Apple Mandarin Female'...
  4. H

    Setting up the Pleco --> Anki link meaningfully

    Hi, I searched the internet and reddit but it did not lead me anywhere! I also posted it on chinese forums: but i think here is were it really belongs. I stumbled across the possibility to add pleco entries to ankidroid, which was eye-opening. Now I am look for a way to improve these...
  5. I


    Good day. I recently purchase the Hong and Qiang text to speech voice. In the “purchased but not downloaded” appeared the Hong (Enchanted) and Qiang (Enchanted). The enhanced TTS audio database for Qiang was installed without any problem. For the Hong Text-to Speach (Enchanted) I'm getting the...
  6. LeonardoM

    [POLL] From iPad app to macOS app. Now it’s possible!

    The new macOS Catalina has just been released, and it makes it possible to convert an iPad app into a Mac app with very little effort. I still gotta understand if it also allows ports for iPhone apps. Anyway, I was wondering if this means that Pleco (4?) is coming to the Mac in a few days, or if...
  7. skyreem

    [Q] Pleco Android exports all categories, how can I edit the XLM myself?

    Hey! First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone! 祝你们圣诞快乐! So I'm trying to export my flashcards that I made during the first year of my Bachelor. However, I noticed that when I export specific categories it ends up exporting every category anyway. Is there a way to fix this? I noticed I can...
  8. I


    Good day. I recently purchase PLECO Professional Bundle, the Qiang Text to Speech (Enhanced) isn't successfully downloaded. Is it the same content as the one from Direct Download?
  9. skyreem

    [Ask] Based on what does the flashcard system pick cards?

    Hi all I've been using Pleco for quite some time now and I've been wondering how these flashcard tests actually work? Based on what are cards chosen from your categories? Difficulty, time added, amount of mistakes, ...? Just finished my first year Chinese at uni and I want to keep rehearsing...
  10. E

    How to export a txt file with audio?

    Hey guys, I am trying to export a txt file and use that with Anki to create an apkg file. I can make this happen, but only front, back and definition are the options. Is there a way to export the audio too? Cheers
  11. Dodoxo

    Point of view about reviewing flashcards' method

    Hi all! I would like to ask how you review your flashcards, in terms of "what you show in the question and what you show in the wanswer". I don't know if what I'm doing is good for memorization so I would like to talk about methods. The way I'm using to review now is to put the word in my native...
  12. BUG: Cannot select custom font .ttf file

    Android 6.0.1: Nexus 5 Pleco 3.2.33 When I try to select a Custom Chinese font from Settings->Fonts->Customize Chinese font, a pleco file browser opens and I access the (non-root) location of the file but the file name is greyed out and clicking it does nothing. Note that I have used the same...
  13. G

    Cantonese Audio Pronunciation Problem - GZP

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. I searched the forum and couldn't find the answer. The pronunciation for certain cantonese words produces a hissing sound on some entries in the Guangzhouhua Putonghua Cidian (GZP). I have all the audio add-ons installed. I even went on "...