1. B

    Web Reader and Cookies

    Question: does the web reader support cookies? I ask because a web page I do some of my reading on using the web reader uses cookies to store my reading progress in the document. The cookies part doesn't seem to be working. All I could find in the user's guide is a statement that the web...
  2. A

    Reader feedback and feature suggestions

    After starting to use the Pleco-integrated reader regularly, I thought I’d give a little feedback. Starting off, I’ve come to find it even more useful than I thought. I had read a few novels in Chinese before and generally got by quite fine, only needed to look up words occasionally, especially...
  3. A

    [Feature Request] Colored characters in clipboard reader to indicate tones

    Feature request: When using the clipboard reader, there should be an option to display characters in their tone colors. Example: I copy chinese from elsewhere and read it with clipboard reader. Instead of all characters being a single color, they show up in colors according to their tone...
  4. catapart

    File reader function not satisfactory

    Hi, I've been trying to import a few .epub books into the file reader recently and was disappointed to find that none of the books were rendered as text -- all there was on the screen was a blank page of whiteness. I tried to change the encoding, but none of those listed worked. I'm sure the...
  5. Tatarik - 晨星

    Reader > Playback button timing / forward button

    Hello all, Ref. Settings > Reader > Back button goes back (sec.) 1/ Currently the back button only allows for playing back with fixed intervals of 5 seconds to 120 sec, could it be possible to customize it by every user? For instance I could use a play back button of 2 seconds only when I'm...
  6. Shun

    Partially tappable PDFs in Reader

    Hi, I'm attaching a PDF that isn't fully tappable in the Document Reader, even though I can copy its text using Preview without any loss of Chinese characters. I created the PDF using the newest MS Word and the Mac OS built-in Print to PDF function. Might there be an easy fix for this issue...