1. M

    Can not find scoring

    Hi guys, sorry, I am missing something or the scoring system is available only to paid version? I already tried to find here about it but no success. Thanks!
  2. Aegil

    Flashcard settings: how to select cards based on their correct/incorrect answer rate?

    Hello, First of all, I would like to congratulate Pleco for its amazing product: I love using the App on my IPad. It is so detailed, with really interesting add-on features. However, I am a bit lost with the flashcard settings despite trying to read the user manual. I would like to select...
  3. C

    Flash card are scoring on reading and writing

    does the flashcard system have a different score for cards based on test type Like if I get the reading portion correct but fail the writing portion would the program mark this card as learned if I just keep letting the reading portion correct so that it wouldn't test me on writing? Or are...