settings help

  1. Mythaar

    Disable showing Traditional alongside Simplified

    I'm only learning Simplified, so having Traditional characters alongside them in dictionary entries is a nuisance. I have traditional characters disabled in the settings, and looked under the dictionary settings, but couldn't figure out how to disable it. Any help?
  2. S

    Selecting default user dictionary

    I have two user dictionaries that I regularly add entries to - one is for general use, one for technical terms. Naturally I edit the general use one more often, but my technical one is the default selected when I go to add a new entry from a search screen (if the word isn't in other...
  3. A

    Seeking Flashcards for Writing Practice (specifically for hand writing from memory)

    Hi! Please help if you can. I’m a very long time Pleco user but a relative flashcard newbie. I Love Love Love Pleco but have never been able to wrap my head around all the flashcards and settings. If anyone can give me pointers for this I would be super grateful. I’m so sorry if this seems...
  4. Aegil

    Flashcard settings: how to select cards based on their correct/incorrect answer rate?

    Hello, First of all, I would like to congratulate Pleco for its amazing product: I love using the App on my IPad. It is so detailed, with really interesting add-on features. However, I am a bit lost with the flashcard settings despite trying to read the user manual. I would like to select...
  5. C

    Pleco coaching for flashcard setup

    I haven't been able to get my head around the settings for flashcard study. Is anyone willing to coach me via Skype please? I'm happy to pay for the help. I've tried to follow the instruction manual but it doesn't quite match what I'm seeing on my Android phone. I'm using an Oppo f1 android...