stroke order

  1. S

    Any way to easily look up stroke order in flash cards?

    First of all, absolutely love the sketch feature. but checking whether what I've written is actually correct takes 3+ taps too many. (open dictionary, go to stroke order tab, select correct character, tap play, go back to flashcards) I know there's the "stroke order" test mode, but that one I...
  2. X

    Test: Stroke Order and Audio: Auto-play on show ?

    Storke Order flashcards with enabled Audio: Auto-play on reveal works very well. Manually pressing the speaker symbol after the card has been shown but not yet revealed works too. However enabling Audio: Auto-play on show doesn't do anything. Is there any other setting I might have to adjust...
  3. R

    Stroke Animation Auto Repeat?

    The Dictionary Stoke tab supports "Auto-Play Stroke Order". Would be fantastic to also "Auto Repeat", as soon as the writing is done repeat the drawing. It would help make Pleco feel a little flashier, and for the use case where students are repeating writing over and over, it saves the...
  4. MelissaLuc2003

    Order of Strokes of Some Chinese Characters

    Hi, 1. Why is the word 里 is written as 甲 first followed by 二? I've always written 里 with 日 first, then 十,and finally 一 at the bottom. I found out the order of my strokes are incorrect according to Pleco. 2. Why is the word nine 九, is written with 丿first then 折 zhe where as the word 力 power,is...
  5. F

    identification radical in character in stroke module

    Hi Does anyone know how to identify the radical-part of a character? For instance by giving it a different colour in the stroke module? If this is not possible yet I would like to put it on the wishlist thanks in advance
  6. J

    Skritter Like Functionality

    Hi All (&Mike) I am a PLECO user for years and have many add ons. I have been studying Chinese of a long tome and finally after many failed starts I am trying again at hand writing Is there any plan to have a Skritter like functionality in pleco flash cards. The flash card system is fine and I...