1. D

    Voice Input

    I've recently downloaded Pleco app version 3.2.92. Samsung Phone: One UI Version 4.1, Android Version 12. The last security patch was installed on 8/1/23. I purchased the Pleco Pro Bundle. As a beginning Mandarin learner, my first step is pronunciation mastery. I'm having problems. It will pick...
  2. LeonardoM

    Can't use iOS quality voices in Pleco

    Hi, In iOS accessibility settings it's possible to download better quality voices for most languages, including chinese. Unfortunately i just don't seem to find a way for pleco to use those downloaded voices for speaking sentences inside the App, so I'm stuck with the 'Apple Mandarin Female'...
  3. P


    Hi, for the headword audio, I can alternate between male and female voice. However, for sentence audio, I only have Apple Mandarin Female. Is it normal? Is there a way to add the male voice as well? (Under the voice submenu, “cycle voices” is checked even though there is only one voice available )
  4. Record audio in flashcards

    I want to record my own audio on my flashcards, for specific mandarin based dialects. Is there a way to do this?