1. LeonardoM

    Can't use iOS quality voices in Pleco

    Hi, In iOS accessibility settings it's possible to download better quality voices for most languages, including chinese. Unfortunately i just don't seem to find a way for pleco to use those downloaded voices for speaking sentences inside the App, so I'm stuck with the 'Apple Mandarin Female'...
  2. P


    Hi, for the headword audio, I can alternate between male and female voice. However, for sentence audio, I only have Apple Mandarin Female. Is it normal? Is there a way to add the male voice as well? (Under the voice submenu, “cycle voices” is checked even though there is only one voice available )
  3. Record audio in flashcards

    I want to record my own audio on my flashcards, for specific mandarin based dialects. Is there a way to do this?