A few questions about Pleco functions and dictionaries


Sorry, no, not exportable - I wish you'd waited for my reply. Email us if you'd like to cancel / refund that purchase.

We generally avoid listing that in dictionary information pages because we don't want to commit to a particular stance on that in the future, if e.g. a publisher's policy changes or if we license a new version of a dictionary and we're no longer allowed to export from it; we do not as a matter of policy guarantee that any particular dictionary's definitions will be exportable indefinitely. (except of course for open-source dictionaries like CC-CEDICT)

Re your other question, it imports like any other dictionary - there are internal simplified mappings we use for search/indexing, we just don't display them in the interface.
Yeah, I felt a bit stupid when I noticed.

In the end I might have to move over to Pleco entirely, but that would mean I would have to be much more picky about what I study (which might bring other benefits as well, who knows).

I will send you an e-mail. Sorry about the trouble caused.


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No worries. 4.0 actually includes a fairly comprehensive Anki importer, so if you can hold off a little while on moving to Pleco it might be an easier move for you then.


Sorry, no, looks like there's a bug from a recent update to the catalog file - Guifan traditional is done by us. (I'll fix that right now)
Hmm, I always thought Guifan had pretty decent traditional support. E.g. 志 and 誌 are split up (but not 曆 and 歷). What's the process for fixing these? Is all of it automated?