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Hello Everyone,

I used to use Pleco on my amazon fire tablet, but after facing major crash of the application recently (on my amazon tablet) and so wanting to update it I just saw that Pleco is not available on the amazon app store anymore.

Do you have any idea why and if it will come back ? I didn't see any mention of even the previous existence of Pleco on amazon on this website, that's weird.



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You can reinstall it directly from our website by typing:

in your tablet's web browser.

We no longer list in the Amazon AppStore because, unlike most other third-party Android app stores (e.g. pretty much every Chinese one), Amazon requires that we use their in-app purchasing system, and unlike most of those stores and Google Play, they subject every new update we submit to human App Review.

If it were the only way to make our app available to Amazon tablet users we might consider putting up with that, but it's not - you can also install apps directly from our website - and we simplify couldn't justify investing the programming time continuing to support their in-app purchasing system / deal with occasional objections to stuff from their reviewers for the tiny number of downloads/sales we were getting from them. (the numbers were higher a few years ago when they were handing out lots of free Amazon Coins + people were using those to buy stuff from us, but once that dried up the sales dried up too)

But if you follow that link you should be able to install it, and if you made some previous in-app purchases that won't restore, just email us with your purchase details (what you bought + what date you bought it on) and we can recover them for you.
Thanks for your answer, indeed after following the link you gave me it now works again. I was also able to restore my previous purchases. So I am all good.
I didn't think it would work to install the application directly from your website since the fire tablets have a sort of custom android os.
To be fair, I wasn't able to update the app, but after uninstalling it I was able to install it again without problem.

That being said, before installing this new version 3.2.59, I was having the version 3.2.5 and it was crashing when going to the add on page, i think it was maybe because it wasn't able to communicate with your server anymore. Because the application is not available on the amazon store anymore, the device does not update it automatically so it may force us every new update to manually uninstall and install the application again to avoid it to crash.

That's not very convenient but giving that you don't update the app daily I shall go along with it. Maybe you should still mention in your FAQ something about amazon tablets, probably just saying that Pleco is indeed working and giving the download link. It would have helped me because I did look before posting on the forum but found nothing so I think it will help others as well.


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Good point about the FAQ - have now updated it to mention Amazon.

We actually do support automatic update checking in our app; when a new version is available it'll put up an alert offering to download it for you.