Beta 7 Released

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Happy New Year,

2 weeks after Beta 6, here's Beta 7, with more bug fixes and some useful new features too. (most of which are designed to work around hardware-specific issues, but there's also one newish one from our cross-platform engine code that we've been working on for a little while) Unless any more major bugs are discovered, this will probably be pretty much identical to the finished version.


Download the latest APK file by entering:

into your device's web browser.

The new OCR / Flashcard / Reader Launcher apps can be downloaded here - install whichever APKs you want from that .zip file.

Beta 7 Changes

New Features

  • Added a recent entry history to the popup reader; by default, this only records words that were directly tapped on or pulled up with the > button, but you can make it apply to words navigated to via the arrow buttons as well via a Settings option. This history is currently only accessible from the main dictionary history screen (not directly from the reader).
  • Added the ability to view recently OCRed entries from the main dictionary history screen, and recently viewed dictionary entries from the OCR one.
  • Added a "dump to flashcards" command to the history screen to dump the entire contents of your recent entry history (eliminating duplicates however you've configured it) to a flashcard list.
  • Began adding dictionary entries tapped on in the definition screen "Words" tab to the dictionary entry history.
  • Added a whole bunch of new main dictionary screen UI options designed to accommodate the fact that a number of Android devices (like the Galaxy Note) have awkward in-between screen sizes that don't do well with our default UI configurations. Now, instead of automatically configuring some things based on screen size, we set the defaults based on it but allow you to change them. Most of these relate to button visibility, but there are also options to configure whether or not the definition remains visible while the keyboard is open and whether the "fast scrolling" thumb slider appears in the main entry list. All of these are configurable separately for portrait / landscape and keyboard-open / keyboard-closed.
  • Added support for reversed (list on right) and horizontal (list on top or bottom) splits of the main dictionary result list + definition screen.
  • Added support for hooking into Pleco in third-party apps via a "plecolookup:" URL call. Just browse to plecolookup: followed by the text you want to search for and Pleco will pop up with that text in its search field. (no callback support as yet; since Android has a Back button it doesn't really seem necessary)
  • Added support for English-Chinese flashcards, enabled by turning on the relevant option in Settings / Flashcards.
  • Added color scheme configuration options in Settings / General - this is actually been cited by a number of people on iOS as customization run amok, but it turns out that it has quite a lot of fans, so now it's back again - enjoy!

Design Tweaks

  • Updated our copy-protection server to accommodate our "three devices per user" policy by allowing more frequent device ID changes (and more than one in the same time period, rather than a fixed minimum interval between changes). Our official policy for transferred Palm/WM copies remains "one device per user" due to unavoidable license restrictions, but you'll be able to change the ID on those more frequently too if you're someone who does a lot of firmware re-flashing.
  • Added icons to items in the main screen menu (but not any other menus yet).
  • Added a "Home" menu item to definition and settings screens to quickly return to the main dictionary.
  • Added an "Add-ons" menu item to the "Settings" screen and a "Settings" one to the "Add-ons" screen.
  • Added a "compatibility mode" prompt at the top of the OCR screen when it's initially run, giving you an easy way to choose a set of orientation settings that are less likely to bring out horrible bugs in some devices with buggy drivers.
  • Added an option in Settings / Flashcards to erase your entire flashcard database / start again with a blank one.
  • Made the row of headword characters in the definition screen include both simplified and traditional versions.
  • Added some code to our copy-protection system to help on devices with buggy firmware that occasionally think they have two different hardware IDs (e.g. when going into Airplane Mode).
  • Made the flashcard session screen return you to the main flashcard screen (rather than the test configuration one) when exiting a session.
  • Cleaned up the rendering of the dictionary definition tabs / toolbars on some unusual device configurations.
  • Eliminated the useless "Flashcards" item at the top of a lot of multi-level category selection screens.
  • Added a file overwrite prompt to the flashcard / user dictionary export screen.
  • Tweaked the default live OCR motion detection cutoffs to be a bit less sensitive, so they should now be more resistant to accidental hand-shaking.
  • Made our tab buttons have slightly smaller margins, increasing the amount of text that can fit on them without wrapping.
  • Removed the flashcard "batch" screen from the demo version of the flashcard module.
  • Disabled Clipboard Monitor on Android 3.x/4.x devices; there doesn't seem to be any way to make it work on those, and even though it doesn't work it sometimes causes crashes on them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the search field to disappear altogether (due to there being too many buttons) on certain devices with incorrectly-configured screen size settings (mainly the Samsung Galaxy Note, which mistakenly reports itself as having the same screen size as a 7" tablet).
  • Fixed a bug that made the Clipboard Monitor very unreliable with blocks of text longer than the document reader threshold.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause OCR results to be shifted / skewed slightly from where they should be on devices with very wide screens (10.1" tablets, mainly) when turned upside-down.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the flashcard sketch box to turn into a handwriting input box when the screen was rotated.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the OCR recent entry history from being saved properly on exit.
  • Fixed a crash when tapping on the link to disable demo dictionaries in a definition popup in the document reader.
  • Fixed a bug that produced garbage results when tapping on a very rare character in the "Chars" tab of the definition screen.
  • Fixed a bug that made the radical links from the stroke order screen useless in some cases (pointed to the wrong place).
  • Fixed a crashing bug when saving English-Chinese user dictionary entries.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the flashcard search "last correct" option from working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the main dictionary search screen from updating correctly after editing a dictionary entry.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the basic audio files from downloading along with the extended ones (which require them), and added an alert when deleting the basic audio files which also deletes the extended ones.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the flashcard fill-in-the-blanks boxes to lose their background colors when rotating the screen.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the traditional character mode checkbox in Settings / General from resetting itself after a "Reset all."
  • Fixed a crashing bug relating to some unusual audio file download sequences.
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