Canto Full-Text Search?


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Nothing new on that front but the dictionary group system should work fine - we hadn't really even planned to add anything radically new here in 4.0, all it really is is a full-text search on a subset of your installed dictionaries. Is there something particularly unsatisfactory about that system?
There is no specific, "full-text canto dicts" option. "Full-text, chn dicts," obviously works but the problem is where there is overlap and you only want to isolate Canto dicts.

For instance if you search something very Cantonese like:
- The probability that you get a Canto dict hit is very high, so there are no real issues there.

But if you just want to use how a pronoun is used in Cantonese sentence examples:
- There's no way to only flip through Canto-only dicts.


I have. As soon as I do a full search query though, it jumps off to another dictionary group.
Do you have Sticky selection enabled in the dictionary group's settings screen? If you manually switch to the group in Dictionary, with Sticky selection enabled, it should stay there even if a search yields no results.


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So you created a 'full-text, chn dicts' group and put only Cantonese dictionaries in it and then when you try to do a regular search it doesn't actually stick?

What if you don't prepend the # (not necessary if it's already a full-text group)?

Also what if you set "dict search order" in Settings / Search Engine to 'current only'?
Okay, I think I got it.

I have two groups now: Regular Search (Canto) & Full-text search (Chinese dicts). I've disabled Pleco's CAN group to avoid PLC, Unicode and CC-CEDICT results mixed in with the Canto dicts.

Both groups have 5 dicts: ABC Canto, Guangzhouhua-Putonghua, GZHFYCD, & CCCanto

I think originally I assumed that the regular search groups could automatically work with full-text search, which is why it didn't work. Which is hindsight seems silly.

Didn't need sticky or current only settings in the end. Whoops.