Cards for Written Standard Chinese vol 3, Huang and Stimson


Like the previous post about wsc4, these are just the characters.
There are a few characters where the text uses variants, but since this time, as opposed to for wsc4, I was typing these in with MS IME, I was not going to bother hunting down the variant in the free Unihan add on to pleco. Users who actually have the WSC texts can do that if they feel like it.



Found some typo's

chap31, 懂 should be 動.

Also, some characters with multiple meanings and pronunciations, pick up definitions when fed into the flashcard program, that are different from the text.

Examples from chap 32: 盛, has two dictionary entries, cheng2, sheng4. The text is talking about sheng4 (flourish) not cheng2(ladle a dish) . 稱, same story, chen4(fit, match,suit), and cheng1(call).

Example from chap33: 強, the dictionary picks up jiang4(stubborn), whereas the text is refering to qiang2(strong).

Presumably anyone who is actually using this along with the text can make adjustments by adding the correct dictionary entry by hand to the list. For the rest of you, well, you get what you pay for....