Classical Chinese readings

Daniel C

Hi Mike,

I was wondering whether you plan to add some classical Chinese texts to your reader function. There are some (mediocre) Chinese-language apps with 白话 translation, but it would be nice if this could be integrated into Pleco so I can more easily consult the Pleco dictionary. It would be great too if you could toggle between 古文 and 白话, and also the option of footnotes for grammatical explanation. What do you think? Thank you!



Staff member
Classical texts by themselves are quite easy to find on the internet (and most definitely public-domain :)), and should work fine with our document reader function. For now, you'd want to manually turn off "Use In Reader" for non-classical dictionaries in Settings / Manage Dictionaries, but in 4.0 it's possible to have multiple 'reader profiles' and pick a Classical-Oriented set of a dictionaries for a Classical document and a modern-Chinese-oriented one for a modern Chinese document.

But we could certainly look at licensing some dual-language Classical titles at some point, or even some with English translations.

Daniel C

Hi Mike! Thanks for the reply. I know you can easily get classical Chinese texts online, but they often lack commentary etc. I have downloaded some PDFs but they are not very convenient for reading on a phone. It would be great if there could be something integrated in Pleco.