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Hi guys,
I have a full set of flashcards from the old HSK 5 (2012) that I'd like to convert to use with Pleco, so around 2800 flashcards. The flashcards are in CSV-format and originally created using the old KTDict app. The flashcards are divided into separate categories corresponding to each page in the old HSK5 book.

1) How would I go about converting the flashcards to Pleco the best way since Pleco flashcards are in .txt format and uses another setup format?

2) I read that Pleco uses iTunes in order to import flashcards, but I can see that iTunes has been dicontinued by Apple. So, how would I import the flashcards to Pleco on my iPhone 15?

I tried to look in the forums already, but I couldn't seem to find this information. Thanks a lot!
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I'm not really familiar with KTDict's format - if you email your exported file to support we can take a look at it and see if there's a straightforward way to put it into a format our app will accept.

The iTunes thing is outdated - nowadays you can just share your flashcard file with Pleco from whatever file storage app you like.


Hi Mike,
thanks a lot. I just sent you an e-mail with the list of KTDict flashcards to Support. I hope that it is somehow possible to convert them :)
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For others out there,
Mike's solution worked like a charm and I'm now able to import my old KTDict flashcards into Pleco.

I had the old flashcards in an Excel spreadsheet. The solution is this:

Rearrange the columns so that it’s:

Character pinyin English

(Delete the others)

Then, save this in a Unicode text file (tab-delimited) and it should be importable into Pleco.

Then send the new file as an email to yourself, download it on your iPhone and pull it into Pleco. The characters will then found in the "Uncategorized" Flashcard section of the Pleco app. Then simply create a new category folder, name it and move the flashcards from the Uncategorized folder into the new folder you just set up on Pleco. Boom, done.

Thanks a lot, guys.
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