Feature request: Compound Tests


At the moment, I test myself using three different test profiles with individual score files for Reading, Listening and Writing and it can be rather time consuming, and I was thinking of a different way to run my tests to save time, but yet cover the same material.

For example, what if I had a test where I could first pick the character from multiple choice after listening, then pick the definition based on reading the character, and then write the character correctly.

You can sort of doing this (if you don't look too closely) with the score based tests, but the score base tests will only test you on one thing based on your score. I want to be tested on more than one thing.

Maybe the score based tests could be extended, so instead of being only picking a single test using the current logic of
Test A
or if Score >= x, Test B
or if Score >= y, Test C
or if Score >= z, Test D

something like this could be allowed
Test A
and if Score <= z, Test D
and if Score <= y, Test C
and if Score <= z, Test B

thus, the lower the score, the more tests I'd run, and the higher the score, the fewer tests I would run.

Thoughts? Does a similar functionality exist and I've overlooked it?

(Edit: yes, I could use alternating tests but that's not what I want)
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*laugh* Well, that was easy.

Of course, you know what the next question is going to be.

Of course, I know what your answer is going to be.

Nevermind, carry on.


Related to this line of thinking, I do use a system of score-based tests on one scorefile, combined with score subjects and score filters to progress cards up through a series of ever tougher questions, namely multiple choice --> tones --> writing, and then back down again should I answer wrong, but it sure would be nice for variety's sake to have some easier questions rotated in now and then for high-score cards—similar to how you mentioned in the "multiple choice options" thread about sprinkling random cards from your long-term pool into tests as an improved alternative to rigid SRS mechanics, but for question type rather than review interval—without having to get them wrong first. Would something like that be possible in 4.0?


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You can basically specify an arbitrary set of test types for cards at any given level of advancement, so yes, should be possible.