file path when importing


This should be a pretty basic task, but I am very new to the palm so I'm stumped....

I got the hsk flashcard list from the flashcard exchange.
I transfered it to my sd card (I have a palm tx)
In plecodict I go to menu/flashcards/manage flashcards/import/
It looks like I need to know the File Path of the file
HSK Flashcards.PDB
at least that was its name in the zip file that I dragged to the Palm Quick Install. I believe I transfered it to my sd card.

basically what is the ls/dir command on a palm?
did look but not too hard on the palm/support site.
got this ... ,CASE=8361
which doesn't seem to help


It depends on where you put the file on your SD card. You should be able to choose the directory with whatever program you used to make the transfer. On my card, it's in the /Palm/Launcher directory. The file path is /Palm/Launcher/flash.txt

You can use this free file manager to see where the file is.

Adding a file browser here in the next version of PlecoDict might help.


still not getting it

So I do
Flashcards/Manage Flashcards/Import/

From: Text File
Encoding UTF-8

/Palm/Launcher/HSK Flashcards.PDB

The instructions say to choose the volume.
There is a rectangle, the top 1/3 is red, the bottom 2/3 is blank.
Does this refer to the internal memory(top red), and sd card (bottom blank?)

I have pleco installed on the internal memory, but the file is on the sd card.
Anyway, tapping on the rectangle doesn't do anything.
I tap Import and it takes me back to the manage lists screen.
Note this is different than if I just leave the file name as
/Palm/Launcher/flash.txt, in which case I get a popup File Not Found.

Do I have to have the file on internal memory if pleco is installed there?
But it seems like it is finding the file, just not reading it in.



Have you tried importing the file as "PalmDoc" instead of "Textfile"? PDB is in Palm doc format, I believe.

I don't know why you would get a red rectangle for volume. My plecodict only has black & white. Maybe it's because you haven't give your SD card a name. For me, it shows the name I gave to my memory card (a MemoryStick since I have a Clie).

You should download Filez since it'll allow you "explore" your SD card, as well as your internal memory. Clies comes with a built-in program for that purpose, but it seems that Palms don't.


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You need to install that file to your TX's internal memory, NOT to your SD card. Do that, then go to Manage Flashcards, Import, select PalmDoc format and GB-2312 encoding and the list should appear for you to import.

And yeah, a file browser would be nice, but it's a low-priority item for us since it's quite possible to do the same thing for free with FileZ. (if we could, we'd just embed FileZ into our program and call it a day)
I am having the same problem and am still lost after reading this and fiddling for an hour. Do you mean save the text file to internal memory? I can not get quick launch to install the files in internal memory for some reason, even though I have plenty of room.



I don't know what is relevant in the following but:

I can install flashcards in utf8.txt format when they are on my external card.
But I seem to remember that palm docs have to go on my internal. It may be that palm docs need to go to the same device (external or internal) where pleco is installed. In my case it's installed on the internal. Again, this last may be a red herring.

hope it helps, although you may have tried this already.

you probably need to tell us what palm, where pleco is installed, etc, not that I know anything further....

good luck.


Hope this helps

OK, I just went through this now and here's what worked for me.

I copied vocab2200u.txt to the SDCard in my Treo.
Using FileZ ( ), I was able to determine that the correct path (at least for my device) was /Documents/vocab2200u.txt. So, on my Import screen, I made the following entries:

From: Text file
Encoding: UTF-8
File Path: /Documents/vocab2200u.txt

Tapped the Import button and Voila!


I used Croptop's method and worked for me when importing ZDT text files to SD card on Palm TX. Perfect! Only prob is seems that space for typing the file path is limited and ZDT names the text files default the same as the category names, which mine can get lengthy. So there's not enough room to type the text tile name under file path (maybe I'm missing a function that expands the blank - I'm very new to Palm and Pleco!) Of course I resolved the issue by renaming the files then had no probs importing. THe best thing was the card category retained the lengthier name from my ZDT category so I know the content of the imported flasch card lists by the title. (the original ZDT category name is inherent in the text file so it was preserved despite the vague new text-file name I gave it) Anyway just a heads up to keep those text file names short, and also I second and third others who've suggested a browse option would come in handy for locating imports in Pleco 2.0 - hopefully this function has already been added! :wink:


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Hasn't been added yet, we're considering it but actually in general we're trying to downplay text-based flashcard imports in 2.0 in favor of our new XML-based import format (for which we're eventually planning to release a free and open-source converter program), which is both significantly more robust and lets you add a lot of extra stuff like multiple categories, initial score/difficulty settings, etc. The converter for this will output a HotSync-friendly PDB, so you won't even have to deal with SD cards, and unlike MakePlecoDict we're actually planning to put a rudimentary (click on a button, navigate through the Windows file system to find the file you want, click Open, click Convert) GUI on top of it.


O...K... But what about people who don't have Microsoft systems?
And people who never sync at all, just copying to/from sdcard?