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Is it possible for plecodict to display the English word/def. when doing a flashcard test? I don't want to guess Chinese --> English, I want to do it the way I am used to English --> Chinese. Is this possible? Can't seem to figure it out. Kinda important to me, so any help would be greatly appreciated (before I start putting the 3,500 flashcards that I actually have sitting here on my desk into the program). I really hope this works, since the flashcard program was one of the reasons I bought the plecodict.

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Yes, this is possible - go to the Test Settings screen (there's a button in "New Flashcard Session" to access it) and change the checkboxes next to "Test" so that only "Defn" is enabled. With that configuration, the flashcard system will only show you the definition at first and only reveal the characters/Pinyin after you press the Reveal button.

And make sure you back up those 3500 cards regularly - HotSyncing your Palm with your PC should automatically back up the flashcard database, but for an extra layer of protection you can use PlecoDict's "Export" feature to back them up to a text file on your SD card. Palms are not exactly the most reliable machines in the world, and it would be a shame to lose all of your work if the thing suddenly died on you.
Dear Pleco,

this post is a bit outdated. I am using the latest Pleco version and unlocked the full subscription. I am focussing on speaking chinead (as opposed to reading which i did before).

How do i set the flashcards to show the english definition first and then i have to guess the character and chinese pinyin? I have tried to find out for a long time but it seems difficult to set up.

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Frederik van Ewijk.


Dear Frederik,

after you choose Flashcards > New Test in the sidebar, you can select what you are prompted for by varying the Show option.

If you have the Test type "Self-graded" selected, and have Show set to "Characters", you will be asked to recall the pinyin and the definition. If you have Show set to "Definition", you will be asked to recall the headword and pinyin. You can also show more than one element at the beginning to ease learning. You can even have the headword read to you by choosing Show "Audio".

If you have the Test type "Fill-in-the-blanks" selected, the Show setting offers you the same choices, but Pleco can only ask for a single field, such as "Characters" or "pronunciation", which you can choose under Prompt for.

So for English-Chinese, you have to choose Show "Definition".

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