Flashcards: Should I have keep cards in one category, or break them up?

Discussion in 'Pleco for Android' started by , Dec 28, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    As a pleco user for years, only in the last few months I have started to seriously use the flashcard feature.

    Currently any word I come across I put into my "Practice" category. So far it has close to 1000 cards. I have been using SRS and have kept the card selection to 100 points a day. 95% of the time I do fill-in-the-blanks tests.

    Now so far this method has been very manageable for me, however I'm not sure if it will still be as effective as my cards become more and more.

    To those who have been using the feature for years, and have 10000's of cards, what do you recommend?

    Keep going as I am, or should I begin limiting category sizes?

    Cheers to all

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