Getting a "Corrupted flashcard database error" after trying to migrate to a new phone

Hello everyone,

This is Rodney, nice meeting you guys. ;) Been using this wonderful piece of software to assist my learning for the past year and have to say it's hands down the most intuitive dictionary I've had the chance to use.
I previously ran Pleco on a Nokia 6.0 with stock Android 8 until very recently. Wanted to migrate to a faster phone I got a Samsung Galaxy A71 running the latest Android 10/OneUI 2.5 update a couple of months ago, only to find out my new phone will complain about the file "not being a valid flashcard database".

I have searched about this error on several other threads, and it does seem like it's not much of a rare sight. Is there any possibility of sorting it out? There are definitely a couple of words I would like to take a look back, so all help will be much appreciated.



Staff member
Do you still have the old phone? Also, could you try saving the file out of whatever file storage service you're using into local storage and seeing if Pleco has an easier time loading it from there?