Interested in adding a community ad to Chinese Stack Exchange?


Hi all, my first post here, and sorry if I'm not doing this right.

At the Chinese Stack Exchange site, we're currently discussing adding ads that are relevant to our community. See: The community votes on which to include.

The most obvious candidate (in my mind) would be Pleco. I whipped up a candidate:


(Edit: I originally got the dimensions wrong here [I fixed it now]. It's 300 x 250 pixels, not the other way around.)

But I'm not skilled at making these things. (Hopefully it gives an idea of what's required.) I'd love to see a slick Pleco ad, but I don't have the skills.

Would you please let me know your thoughts on this.
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We can whip up one of those, sure. Are these sorts of ads generally just a logo / name or do a lot of them also include selling points and tag lines and so on? (just don't want ours to look too busy and/or not busy enough)


Awesome! It turns out, I got the dimension backwards in the above example. It's 300 x 250 pixels, so it's 300 across. Oops! As I say, I'm not an expert.

Here's some examples:

1. Mathematics.SE
2. Christianity.SE

Mostly the community makes their own ads for sites they think are useful. So they're typically quite simple, and they're not pushy.