Loss of Oxford Dictionary


Has anyone found that they really missed the Oxford dictionary after switching? I'm going to play with the PLC dictionary in the demo a bit more, but I wouldn't be too upset to retire my old Palm. I just find myself using the Oxford dictionary rather often, and am not sure how much I want to give it up.

Other than the PLC, are there any other dictionaries that are especially recommended? (I also have the ABC English-Chinese and the NWP Chinese-English, as well as a free app using CC-CEDICT).

I am a fairly serious student, living in Taiwan and trying to move past daily life into business-useful Chinese. I have few or no issues getting around in daily life, but I'm not quite at the level where anyone would want to hire me for my Chinese skills.

Any recommendations?


Staff member
Well our free app lets you use CC-CEDICT too, so FWIW, if you just want a little bit of Pleco on your iPhone without having to give up your Palm copy, you could get the free version and use that without transferring over your Palm license.