Moving flashcards to categories


I'm quite new to Pleco and I can't understand one thing.

Previously, when I added a flashcard it came to "uncategorized" list. Then I pressed "Manage Flashcards" button, selected appropriate category from the combobox and pressed green "+" button. This operation deleted a selected flashcard from "uncategorized" list and moved it to selected category.
Then something must have happened, but I have no idea of what it could be...
And now, when I press the green "+" button, selected flashcard is copied into desired category but is not deleted in "uncategorized" root list. So this list quickly becomes cluttered, and I don't know how to restore the previous behaviour of "+" button. Manual deletion is possible, but very undesirable because it takes a lot of time.
Could anybody tell me what's happened and how to make this "+" button to again move flashcards, not just copy them?

Thanks in advance,


Staff member
The + button actually only ever copies flashcards; the confusion here stems from the fact that "uncategorized" isn't actually a category, it's a search for cards that aren't assigned to any category. (database-neatness-wise, this is much better, since it means that if a card gets orphaned / its parent category gets deleted / etc, you can still find it somewhere)

If cards aren't being removed from "uncategorized" when you add them to somewhere else, though, the most likely explanation for that is that you're creating a duplicate card in the new category, probably because you've changed the "Duplicate card handling" setting in the Flashcards settings screen; go into that screen and change that setting to "Keep category" and that should give you the behavior you want.


Thank you for the prompt reply; I've just checked the "Duplicate cards" setting and it's set to "Keep Cats". But what does "Keep Cats" mean, anyway?
What's the difference between "Keep Cats" and "Allow"?

Update: sorry for being a bit bothersome. I found the source of my problem - I messed the "all cards" list with "uncategorized" list. Of course, when I looked in the list of all cards, they couldn't move anywhere, they simply stayed there. As to "uncategorized list", it really was reducing. How dumb of me. Thank you again for the clarification.