Passed HSK4 - which graded chinese reader is most suitable?

Hello fellow Pleco users! :)

Assuming I'm able to pass the HSK 4, which Graded Chinese Reader would be most suitable for me to read?
1000/1500/2000/2500 words vocabulary?

Thanks a lot for any guidance.

If the question has already been asked, please accept my apology and I would appreciate a pointer to the thread.


Hello Tatarik! :)

I'd say a graded reader with 1500 to 2000 vocabulary items should be the most suitable. Having passed the 2010 HSK 4 test means you should have about 1200 words under your belt (probably more); if the text assumes knowledge of more than that, this should keep the reading experience more interesting. After all, it's so easy to look up unknown words using Pleco. A certain degree of challenge should force you to keep learning something new.

You're welcome,