Search bar size


One piece of feedback comparing 4.0 vs the legacy version: I really miss the longer, full-screen-wide search bar at top of the screen. There are times I want to input a long string of words, or sometimes I use the iOS voice input to capture an entire sentence, but the short search bar makes it harder to see and navigate all of the words that were input. Is there any way we could have the same narrow long UI element just containing the search bar at the top instead of an abbreviated one constrained to the left pane? thx.


Staff member
That would be dicey, I'm afraid - we'd have to rewrite a whole bunch of code in order to have a single navigation bar across the search and definition screens. Two easier changes that we could consider:
  1. Add an option to make the search panel take up a larger portion of the screen width (say, half).
  2. Add an option to have the search screen be full-width with the definition only showing up when you tap on a result, as on iPad.


Thanks for the reply. Of the two options, I would prefer the first one as it's very useful to see the definition screen alongside the results. An adjustable size would be preferable to a fixed 1/2 screen width if possible. thx!