Still OCR help

I've been using Pleco for iPhone for many years but have recently moved to Android. The Still OCR seems to be working pretty differently!
For example, is there a way to save the image you take within Pleco? On iPhone, I saved all my images and retrieved them later via the string of letters and numbers they get in the app. I can't find that function in the Android version and it doesn't seem to be addressed in the instruction manual.
Another question I have is this: in the iPhone version, if the OCR reads a character incorrectly, you can tap on it to hand draw the character and thereby correct it. In Android, you can only chose from a limited list of similar characters. But what if the character you need is not in that list? Is there a way to correct it then?


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Save image: no, that's one of those cases where a nice-to-have feature on iOS is like 10x as complicated to implement on Android (due to fragmentation / file permission bugs / etc) so we haven't done so; the best solution there would probably be to take a picture with the regular camera app and then share it with Pleco.

OCR hand drawing: not supported either, unfortunately. This one used to be technically challenging but no longer is, but since we're in the middle of a big revamp to OCR (the experimental "New OCR" feature) we didn't want to implement it with the old system and then reimplement it again with the new one so it'll probably happen after our big 4.0 update is done and we've migrated over entirely to that new system.
Thanks for the quick reply!
It sounds exciting with the big update, any idea when it will launch?
I will miss the save image feature and will have to see if I can find some kind of workaround. Thanks for your answer and suggestion.


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No, our release date estimates tend to be wildly inaccurate so we've stopped even attempting to make them :)


Thanks again. I had lost a night's sleep over this screen reader problem. I use screen reader all the time both in texts and videos.