Wrong Entries in Dictionaries


Two Wrong entries in the dictionaries:

1) ABC CE Comprehensive Dictionary: 墩子 (1) Block of stone... The first chinese character "dun3" appears as a SUQARE BOX (see attachment)

2) DeHanDict v081202: Chardonnay (weisze Rebsorte)... it should be either a) weisse (in Switzerland), or b) weiße (in Germany), but NOT weisze.

See attachments for both points.



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On dun3zi, if you update to the latest version of Pleco and the latest version of the ABC database (via the Add-ons / Updated tab), that should make the character display correctly. (it's a rare character - Unicode Extension B - and until recently our software didn't support rendering those; iPhone OS doesn't have any built-in support for them so we have to do them ourselves)

DeHanDict was something a user helped us with, but since there's not an official DeHanDict database from the HanDeDict authors it's tough for us to produce one ourselves (nobody here knows German, so no good way to proofread a new database).


Thanx for quick reply (as always!) :)

1) I will update and see.
2) DeHanDict: if it's not from official authors, then it's ok too. DeHanDict is great as it is snce many words which are not in the English dicts are in the DeHanDict- and often the translation is very suitable (I almost dare to say more sutable than any of the English versions). So we shall be happy to have some minor cosmetic bugs :)