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Discussion in 'Future Products' started by Miguel, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Miguel

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    Would it be possible to get directly to the 'Card Info' section without having to add a word to my default category? I check very often the 'Categories' tab and it is not so fast and sometimes I end up deleting or adding cards by mistake.
    For example, I have a default category, 'vocabulary', and these flashcards show in the dictionary with a full squared + symbol. Flashcards from other categories show with a dotted + symbol. Many times I want to know to which category one word belongs to (specially with the HSK ones) and to know that I have to press the + button, put that card inside of the vocabulary category, tap + again and then I get the 'Duplicate Card' message where I can check the 'Card Info'. I check the categories and then I have to delete that card from the 'vocabulary' category. I would say this is the main reason why I 'lose' cards from my HSK categories :oops:
    I don't know if it's possible to do right now but it would be great to have a faster workaround :)
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    Yes, set the behavior both "duplicate" options in Settings / Flashcards to "Card Info" and you'll then get that behavior.

    But if you just want to know about category memberships, it's probably easier to use tags - long-press the name of a category in Organize and there's an option to add a tag (abbreviation + color) to it, do that and that tag will show up in the definition screen for any words in that category.
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  3. Miguel

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    Thanks, Mike. Sorry, I didn't know about the colored tags. That just works perfectly fine for me! :)
    I want to keep the duplicate behavior as it is because sometimes I want to have those duplicated cards.

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