chinese history

  1. M

    "Chinese History: A New Manual" e-book: pages cut-off at the bottom

    Hi there, I'm not sure how much this issue is related to the device that I'm viewing it on, but on the Pleco e-book reader edition of Chinese History, most of the pages are obscured at the bottom, cutting off the text and preventing me from reading it properly. I've tried adjusting both my...
  2. lcdrdata

    'Chinese History' won't open

    I've downloaded the demo version of the ebook, but when I attempt to open it, the system kicks me out of Pleco to the system home page. It doesn't crash the app per se, as Pleco is still open in the background; the book just doesn't open. My device is an Amazon Kindle Fire 5th Gen, running...
  3. Drewmanchu

    (solved) Chinese History: A New Manual, causes app to crash

    Hi there, I recently purchased the ebook version of Endymion Wilkinson's Chinese History for Pleco. I have the latest edition in print, however, I thought it would be useful to have on-the-move. However, it refuses to open and causes the app to crash when I attempt to open it. Any thoughts?