1. U

    Feature request: mark candidates from flashcard database in dictionary search results

    When looking at initial dictionary, search results, I'd find it very handy to have entries already in my flash card database marked, as I have marked 排 in the attached screen grab.
  2. L

    Requests concerning document reader and dictionaries

    Hi, I remember reading somewhere that a 4.0 feature will be the ability to manage "sets" of dictionaries to use with the document reader. For example, one set of dictionaries could be enabled for reading literary Chinese texts and another set for reading modern Chinese. Is that still part of...
  3. jurgen85

    Cambridge English–Chinese

    Is it possible to use this dictionary in Pleco?
  4. O

    Dictionary Comparison/hierarchies: Which dictionary add-ons have the least overlap with Pleco free dictionaries + professional bundle dictionaries?

    Dictionary Comparison/hierarchies: Which dictionary add-ons have the least overlap with Pleco free dictionaries and/or professional bundle dictionaries? Would it be worthwhile to get another one or two on top of the bundle? I would love as much objective data points as possible but am open to...
  5. C


    I'm trying to find a dictionary for specialised financial terms and while googling I found a (seemingly out of date) manual on Pleco's own website for the Cheng & Tsui English-Chinese Lexicon of Business Terms Is this dictionary discontinued? I can't find it within Pleco add-ons. Also are...
  6. K

    Search engine not as good as before since last update

    Hello, I recently updated my Pleco to version 3.2.52 but now I have a problem with the search engine. Let's say the selected dictionary for the search engine is on "All Chinese Dicts" (Blue C on white background). 1) I'm searching for "xiao", everything is fine, I get the Chinese characters...
  7. D

    Word not found in dictionary

    Hello, When I search the word "musée" (museum) Pleco can't find it in the french dictionary (bought). This word is nevertheless present : I can found only if I search with the english word "museum". For me it's a bug. I think there is the same problem with other words. Fortunately the search...
  8. D

    Is there a possibility of introducing 汉语大字典 and 辞海 6e (latest version)

    These two titles are also very famous and outstanding references for Chinese lovers. Hope Pleco could consider getting licenses to them from relevant publishers and incorporate it into existing lineup of dictionaries. This the detailed information on them...
  9. C

    How to use PLC for E-C?

    Hello. Since I upgraded my pleco app with new dictionaries, the PLC dictionary no longer appears when I do a search for an English word. When I do a search for a Chinese word, PLC is the first dictionary that shows up, as well as all the others, but I'd like the reverse to work as well, like it...
  10. J

    Cannot find "Add user" in "Manage dictionaries"

    Hi, I couldn't find a thread so I decided to make one myself. I'll keep it plain and short. I want to import a dictionary to Pleco, so I put the .pqb file on a folder on my phone. Different threads indicate that one has to go to "Settings" -> "Dictionary management" ->"Manage Dictionaries" ->...
  11. P

    Photoshop dictionary

    Hi everyone ! I am a young graphic designer here in Beijing and stumble upon a lot of problems when it comes to discuss technical aspects of my work to my chinese colleagues. I wanted to find a solution to find quickly specific terms used on programs such as Photoshop, or other creative apps...
  12. escdotdot

    usr dictionary sync?

    Is there any way that the usr dictionary can be automatically sync'd between devices? Thanks in advance!
  13. W

    Dictionary of Chinese function words

    Several different dictionaries of Chinese function words (bilingual and monolingual) have been published in the past decades. As far as I understand, they provide a wider range of example sentences on how to use these function words than regular dictionaries. Two examples of such dictionaries...