Requests concerning document reader and dictionaries


I remember reading somewhere that a 4.0 feature will be the ability to manage "sets" of dictionaries to use with the document reader. For example, one set of dictionaries could be enabled for reading literary Chinese texts and another set for reading modern Chinese. Is that still part of 4.0?

Also, current behavior when opening up the full definition page of a word in reader is to just show entries from the dictionaries enabled in reader. I would love to have the option to instead show the standard dictionary page, i.e. the one with all the dictionaries that show when you search for a word. That way I could only keep a few dictionaries on to toggle between in reader but switch to the full view when I want to see all of them. Or is there another way to enable similar behavior that I'm not aware of?



Staff member
No way to show all dictionaries in the reader definition screen in the current app, but yes on both counts for 4.0. The current implementation basically has a reader 'profile' in which you can customize the search properties (simplified/traditional/etc), text display, dictionaries, toolbar buttons, definition screen arrangement, etc, so that you can then create a couple of those for the various types of thing you'd like to read and then pick a particular one very easily for a specific document.