document reader

  1. L

    Problems with docx imports into latest Document Reader (Build .20)

    Hi Mike There seems to be an issue with Build regarding docx documents and some Microsoft fonts (e.g., Microsoft YaHei, DengXian) When I try to import them into Pleco Reader, my iPad first says it cannot open the document. Eventually, the document opens in Pleco after some random...
  2. H

    Two Small Bugs Inside the Pleco Document Reader

    Hello, first of all: Great App! I love the clip and file reader features and use them all the time to read and quickly lookup vocabulary in news and books. I haven't found any better program for that, especially on the phone. There are just some two minor bugs I came accross, which are...
  3. P

    epub won't show characters

    Hello, I have this epub novel, which I can open on PC or on iBook, but when trying to open it with Pleco (iPad or iPhone), it just shows gibberish, like if there was an encoding issue. Is there a way to fix this? See on the attached pics how it shows in Pleco and iBook. Thanks, Pierre
  4. Mythaar

    Change document encoding after it is imported

    I am trying to read a document with the document reader on iPhone. However, I imported it in the wrong format. Despite searching this forum and the guide, I still can't figure out how to change the encoding. Any help? It is an EPUB document, and when I click the (I) in file manager, I don't get...
  5. Mythaar

    Pleco Lyrics Reader not Showing

    Yesterday I bought the Pleco Basic Bundle and went through all the feature manuals to see in-depth what I had purchased. This included the Document Reader -> Lyrics Reader. However, I can't seem to get the Lyrics Reader to activate. After getting the below image and clicking "Don't show again"...
  6. L

    Requests concerning document reader and dictionaries

    Hi, I remember reading somewhere that a 4.0 feature will be the ability to manage "sets" of dictionaries to use with the document reader. For example, one set of dictionaries could be enabled for reading literary Chinese texts and another set for reading modern Chinese. Is that still part of...
  7. P

    PDF bookmarks have disappeared

    PDF bookmarks are no longer showing when I open a file in the document reader. It just happened a few days ago and I have the same issue on both the iPhone and iPad. Can anyone help with this? The bookmark icon still exists but when I tap it the list of bookmarks that I used to see has vanished...
  8. M

    Strange font/character handling issue in file reader

    Hi, I am attempting to read The Fat Years, via a downloaded PDF from The PDF looks normal enough on a Macbook, Windows, and even visually in Pleco's file reader. The first sentence looks like this inside Pleco's document reader : 一个月不见了 However if I tap on each character...