Pleco Lyrics Reader not Showing


Yesterday I bought the Pleco Basic Bundle and went through all the feature manuals to see in-depth what I had purchased. This included the Document Reader -> Lyrics Reader.

However, I can't seem to get the Lyrics Reader to activate. After getting the below image and clicking "Don't show again", whenever I click on the Lyrics Reader again absolutely nothing happens - the screen stays as before (i.e. the current screen without the popup).

I have Apple Podcasts installed and just installed the iTunes Store (although I haven't bought any songs there), but not even the Lyrics Reader "screen" is showing up.

Am I missing something or is there a workaround to this if it's a bug?

iPhone 6s
Pleco Version 3.2.59



Staff member
Could be a permissions issue - check the system Settings app under Pleco, does Pleco have permission to access "Media & Apple Music"?


I have an Apple Music subscription, and can see lyrics “live” as a song plays. But if I try to open a song in Pleco, it just says there are no embedded lyrics. Does Apple offer any API to get access to those resources within Pleco? I think the lyrics flowing down the screen is a “relatively” new enhancement for Apple Music subscribers.


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I don’t believe there’s an API for that, no - we’re actually planning to remove Lyrics Reader altogether in 4.0 anyway, so we haven’t investigated it much.
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