1. E

    Invalid registration ID

    So I bought a new phone, and I want to transfer the registration ID from my old phone to my new phone (my friend share the ID) but when I enter the registration ID, an error keeps popping up saying "invalid registration ID", even when I just copy-paste the ID it from my old phone to the new one...
  2. H

    Ankidroid missing message, no more flashcards

    Hi there, I just used the Pleco --> Ankidroid function with a lot of joy. Suddenly it stopped working. Upon starting Pleco I get an error message "Ankidroid missing". See attachment. I am not sure what happened there. It just stopped working. I reinstalled Pleco and Ankidroid but that did...
  3. lcdrdata

    'Chinese History' won't open

    I've downloaded the demo version of the ebook, but when I attempt to open it, the system kicks me out of Pleco to the system home page. It doesn't crash the app per se, as Pleco is still open in the background; the book just doesn't open. My device is an Amazon Kindle Fire 5th Gen, running...