flashcard import export backup restore dict-based

  1. Mythaar

    Import flashcards and test based on order in imported file

    I'm currently going through HSK 5 based on the BLCUP textbook. This means that I'm learning these words in batches of 30-40, and in order to match up with the exercises and explanations, I have to learn them "batch-by-batch". However, this is very frustrating, as I'll have to update my file and...
  2. C

    Manual flashcard backup to Google Drive blank

    I just backed up my flashcards to Google Drive manually (i.e. instead of when prompted that it had been more than a week), and the file is blank. I saved to a local file and the file is as expected. Backups done when prompted (pictured with dates before today) seem to generate two files - one...
  3. M

    Importing/restoring flashcards coverts to custom

    I tried searching for an answer in the forums and your support page but couldn't find anything on it, I'm sorry if I've missed an obvious answer! When using the export or backup flashcard functions between my phone and tablet (via gDrive) everything goes from being dict-based to custom. The...