1. A

    How can I efficiently copy text and navigate popup dictionaries for quicker usage?

    I would like to know if there's a quicker way to copy text from popup dictionaries instead of having to expand it and copy from there by clicking the arrow button. Additionally, is there a way to navigate back to a previous popup dictionary that was missed without having to cycle through them...
  2. Tatarik - 晨星

    Auto-play on tap : not working inreader

    Hello, I have set the following setting as follows: Settings > Popup definition > Audio : Auto-play on tap : toggled in / TRUE The iPhone is set on Silent mode. Issue: when i tap a character or a word, the popup definition appears but no sound is played. When I press the little speaker...
  3. L

    [Pop up Links] and [Links Chinese character]

    Hi pleco team / community, I try to find way to do this but I can’t find it (attached image) which is: 1. Link in pop up (I use ABC dictionary, which in `B.F`. section, there is some links that contain information about the full word) 2. The Chinese character of the above links (To look it...