Auto-play on tap : not working inreader


I have set the following setting as follows:
Settings > Popup definition > Audio : Auto-play on tap : toggled in / TRUE

The iPhone is set on Silent mode.

Issue: when i tap a character or a word, the popup definition appears but no sound is played.
When I press the little speaker icon (top of the screen), the sounds of the popped up headword plays correctly.

Note: When i switch to Ring mode, the issue is solved (headword is played upon pop-up).

Did I set anything wrong?

System: iPhone 8, iOS 14.5.1


Staff member
No, this is deliberate - we don't want audio accidentally playing when you're in an environment where your phone needs to stay silent, so the only audio that plays with 'silent' turned on is audio where you're actually tapping on an 'audio' button to hear it.