1. P


    Hi, for the headword audio, I can alternate between male and female voice. However, for sentence audio, I only have Apple Mandarin Female. Is it normal? Is there a way to add the male voice as well? (Under the voice submenu, “cycle voices” is checked even though there is only one voice available )
  2. Tatarik - 晨星

    Auto-play on tap : not working inreader

    Hello, I have set the following setting as follows: Settings > Popup definition > Audio : Auto-play on tap : toggled in / TRUE The iPhone is set on Silent mode. Issue: when i tap a character or a word, the popup definition appears but no sound is played. When I press the little speaker...
  3. H

    Suggestion Flashcard Review: stop audio when mark correct/incorrect

    Hello, I have an suggestion to improve the study "flow" it would be convienient when reviewing flashcards if the Audio automatically stops as soon as someone hits "mark correct" / "Mark incorrect" (its kind of annoying to still listening to the audio of the old flash card when already...
  4. Record audio in flashcards

    I want to record my own audio on my flashcards, for specific mandarin based dialects. Is there a way to do this?
  5. S

    No audio playback for sentences.

    I used to be able to play back audio of a lot of the example sentences for dictionary terms. However, since updating to the professional bundle, all those audio playbacks seem to have disappeared. Can anyone tell me how I can get that option back? They were really helpful.
  6. justinaquino

    袜子 has a ringing in the background

    Version 3.2.59 Android I thought the phone was ringing in the distance but it seems the audio of Socks wazi 袜子 has a ringing in the background. Its just funny. I dont realy mind. It makes it easier for me to remember since its novel.
  7. kangxiKilla

    Unable to make Bulk AnkiDroid Study Material with Pleco

    Hey Anki Power Users, I'm struggling with trying to make a frequency deck based on the Movie Subtitle Research: My strategy is to make a .csv of the words, import them into Pleco to pickup the translations, and then export them...
  8. M

    Speeding up audio of custom cards

    I have created and imported custom cards containing sentences and phrases. I would like Pleco to read the cards faster than it does, but I can't figure out how to do it. When I modify the TTS feedback rate in the audio settings, it speeds up the audio rate for words and phrases found in the...
  9. shaluig

    lost audio

    Hi, I made a big clean up of my device this week-end with the app Clean Master and I may have accidentally erased the audio files of my Pleco copy, since I don't hear anything by pointing on the loudspeaker icon. I briefly searched the forum but didn't find anything related to this problem, do...
  10. E

    How to export a txt file with audio?

    Hey guys, I am trying to export a txt file and use that with Anki to create an apkg file. I can make this happen, but only front, back and definition are the options. Is there a way to export the audio too? Cheers
  11. chemica1mage

    No longer able to hear Cantonese pronunciation

    Hi. I'm new to this forum, and to using Pleco. I'm using Pleco for Android, version 3.2.33. Last week, I was able to click on the audio for Cantonese pronunciation (which I had never done before) and I heard it in Cantonese. I was thrilled to be able to learn some new phrases. However...
  12. G

    Cantonese Audio Pronunciation Problem - GZP

    I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. I searched the forum and couldn't find the answer. The pronunciation for certain cantonese words produces a hissing sound on some entries in the Guangzhouhua Putonghua Cidian (GZP). I have all the audio add-ons installed. I even went on "...