Suggestion Flashcard Review: stop audio when mark correct/incorrect



I have an suggestion to improve the study "flow"

it would be convienient when reviewing flashcards if the Audio automatically stops as soon as someone hits "mark correct" / "Mark incorrect"

(its kind of annoying to still listening to the audio of the old flash card when already watching new flash card - especially if it was a long sentence - stopping it manually is inconvienient extra movement/slow)

Cheers and best regards


Could I also suggest that there be a way of stopping sentence audio after it has started playing? E.g. by tapping the loudspeaker button again, by tapping anywhere else on the screen or by simply scrolling the sentence out of view.

As it works now the user can’t scroll a sentence out of view while TTS is highlighting words and reading back. This can get a bit annoying with longer sentences, especially if the audio button was hit by mistake. I know sentence audio can be turned off completely in settings, but I like to listen to example sentences when studying flashcards.

Cheers and thanks for a great app!