1. S

    Any way to easily look up stroke order in flash cards?

    First of all, absolutely love the sketch feature. but checking whether what I've written is actually correct takes 3+ taps too many. (open dictionary, go to stroke order tab, select correct character, tap play, go back to flashcards) I know there's the "stroke order" test mode, but that one I...
  2. I

    Pleco anki integration with Definition on the front

    First, thanks for this amazing app, It has became a must-have for every chinese learner. My problem is the following: when trying to change the flashcard settings (I've paid for the add-on) I can't select definition to appear on the front of the Anki cards it only allows me to select between...
  3. SaeKasa

    Force specific dictionary entry for flashcards

    Hey, I got the Tatoeba sentences flashcards by Shun and Leguan in a user dictionary. Unfortunately the sentences won't show up in the flashcards no matter what I do. I can change them manually during the test. I searched in this forum and realized that there is a way to batch remap the...
  4. B

    Flashcards Lost in Premade Categories

    I have been using pleco for about 2 years, over that time I have been bookmarking words as I go along. I could never find the cast majority of my bookmarks but I kept saving them as I went along, in the hopes that I would figure it out one day. I don't know if this is the problem but I have two...
  5. X

    Test: Stroke Order and Audio: Auto-play on show ?

    Storke Order flashcards with enabled Audio: Auto-play on reveal works very well. Manually pressing the speaker symbol after the card has been shown but not yet revealed works too. However enabling Audio: Auto-play on show doesn't do anything. Is there any other setting I might have to adjust...
  6. J

    Pleco premade cards~

    I would like to suggest a bunch of features for future product. 1) Premade cards should be available for both old and new HSK 3.0 cards. They should all be tagged with colors associated to HSK book colors. 2) Is it possible like Anki, users are able to share their Pleco flashcard decks with...
  7. J

    Batch deleting fails

    When I try to batch delete all flashcards (now all under Uncategorized), the spinner goes as usual, but when done the cards all remain. I can delete cards individually but I have too many to do that for all. If I individually select multiple flashcards and try to batch delete them, the app...
  8. C

    Flashcards SRS starts off with too many cards

    Hi Guys, I think this may be a noob question but I did try looking through other threads and did not find something that answered my question. I wish to learn HSK5 flashcards with Pleco Flashcards and downloaded the set 'HSK 2012-2018' for this purpose, and chose the appropriate category in the...
  9. jurgen85

    When are scores/times updated?

    I was a few hundred cards in the middle of a flashcard test, when I backed up and restored my database (while doing some dangerous batch changes before exporting). It seems like this cancelled the test. Were the new scores already changed during the test (and thus safe in the backup) or would I...
  10. T

    How to deal with too many old flashcard reviews?

    Hello, this is connected to the whole debate on flashcards ballooning that was here 3 years ago: https://www.plecoforums.com/threads/stop-flashcards-from-ballooning.5407/ Have there been any updates on improving the algorithm so far? I know SRS is about regular reviews but with work and...
  11. C

    Grammar Flashcards for Dangdai—當代中文 "A Course in Contemporary Chinese"

    I've started making grammar flash cards based on the lessons of the Dangdai - A Course in Contemporary Chinese books commonly used in Taiwan. I've only covered book 1 of 6 so far for testing purposes and I'm looking for volunteers to help me test and adjust as needed. TL;DR These cards are...
  12. T

    Change all premade HSK cards dictionary to another

    Hello ! I downloaded the premade HSK flashcards, but I personally prefer to learn Chinese words by their Chinese definition, not by their English translation, so I also downloaded two free Chinese-Chinese dictionaries : Cross-Straits and MoEDict, but I can't seem to find a way to change the...
  13. M

    App crashes after selecting Ankidroid for flashcards

    Hi there, I just got a new phone and set up Pleco on it. On my previous phone (also Android) I had set Pleco to use Ankidroid for the flashcards and it was working just fine. After getting the new phone I changed the setting to use Ankidroid for flashcards, it changed but the deck selection...
  14. Weyland

    [HSK6] Flashcards for 《HSK标准教程 6上 / 6下》 published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press (Categorized by Chapter)

    Contents This is a collection of 2679 flashcards, which includes all of the HSK6 vocabulary presented in the HSK6 materials published by BLCU. Quite a lot of students use this book, as well as being the study material for the Chinese Zero to Hero HSK6 course's 闪卡 (to help replace their awful...
  15. shaluig

    This dictionay or entry (...) appears to be missing

    Hi all, Got a problem I cannot fix these days. I completely reseted my Yotaphone early august, resintalled all my backups and flashcards, my user dict, and everything seemed fine. I reviewed one of my flashcards'list this week, and, unexpectedly, a lot of entries gave this message back to me...
  16. H

    Suggestion Flashcard Review: stop audio when mark correct/incorrect

    Hello, I have an suggestion to improve the study "flow" it would be convienient when reviewing flashcards if the Audio automatically stops as soon as someone hits "mark correct" / "Mark incorrect" (its kind of annoying to still listening to the audio of the old flash card when already...
  17. Record audio in flashcards

    I want to record my own audio on my flashcards, for specific mandarin based dialects. Is there a way to do this?
  18. D

    AnkiDroid flashcard integration: some issues and suggestions

    Hello everyone, First let me say that I searched the forums and couldn't find any discussion on the topics that I raise here. I've discovered the AnkiDroid integration feature recently and I really enjoy the swiftness of card creation that it allows. Nevertheless, here are a few issues in...
  19. F

    Can't add new cards on flashcards database through still OCR

    Hi, On version 3.2.63 and earlier ones, every time I click on the + sign to add the word I'm looking up in the flashcards database through the still OCR interface , it doesn't work. But it works with the screen reader/OCR. Am I the only one having this issue?
  20. L

    flashcard systen - change of dictionary entry

    Is there a way to change the dictionary entries for a whole category? I know how to do it for each flashcard manually, but is there a faster and more systematic way?