1. S

    Setting up flashcards in Pleco for Android , a request for help.

    I still use Plecodict for Palm because I can repeat my flashcards with the spaced repetition system detailed below , which is the most effective learning system for me ... but how can I use this system with Pleco for Android ? What setting are required ? Thanks to anyone who will help me...
  2. Ledu

    Correct point increase and assigning word to dictionary during test

    For the past three days my amount of cards learned has stayed at 192. I have learned set to >=1000. I looked and a large amount have scores of 600. So for those cards that have scores of 600 will I need to get them 4 more times (days) in a row to reach a score of 1000? I assume if I get it...
  3. C

    Pleco Flashcard System vs. Anki

    Hey Y'all, Wondering how people compare Anki to Pleco flashcards. I've looked briefly at threads to no avail, and Reddit didn't help me. My situation: I'm heavily invested as a user in Anki. I haven't yet tried migrating to Pleco's, but a few concerns/questions I had: Pleco's flashcard...
  4. Ledu

    Setting up profiles to "drill” without affecting daily SRS profile scores?

    I have a profile (Profile#1) that I use under card selection = Repetition Spaced. I do this everyday. I'd like to create 2 more profiles with various card filters in order to drill words I get wrong during my daily SRS study session. Let's say during my daily SRS test I get the word 报名...
  5. F

    New to pleco - is there any way I can incorporate sentence examples into my flashcard learning?

    Hi everyone, I haven't been able to find much discussion as to incorporating sentences into Pleco's flashcard system. I understand Anki is able to do this, however, I much prefer Pleco's extensive features made for chinese learning. Currently I have a pretty good understanding and set up of my...
  6. S

    Any way to search for flashcards from a downloaded flashcard set that went missing?

    I've been fiddling with an HSK 3.0 flashcard set and already find I've misplaced some. The set comes with a sub-category for Level 1 that had 497 cards at the beginning of the day. I spent some of the day sorting out the ones I knew by heart into Uncategorized, which has 202 cards, and Level 1...
  7. S

    Unable to re-categorize flashcards from search results

    I'm on Pleco for Android and have an HSK 3.0 flashcard set with subcategories for level. I open the search menu from the Organize Flashcard menu and put in a query for SCORE = 600 AND CATEGORY = HSK 3.0 -> Level 1. This pulls up 83 cards. It seems that no matter what I do here, including long...
  8. S

    How to organize flashcards (e.g. mass re-categorize) using Windows Explorer

    Hello, I'm a new user of Pleco and am trying to set up efficient study. I have an HSK 3.0 flashcard set which comes with its own category and sub-category for all the levels. I am trying to get rid of the Level 1 and 2 cards I already know. The quickest way to remove them from my SRS tests is to...
  9. C

    Food flashcards with backlink

    I find this Flashcards about food desk very good (BTW I love Chinese food too), so I updated it to be more useful: Add items for individual characters, and their meanings are from Google translate Add words from the dish names, such as 鱼肚 in 蟹连鱼肚 All above items are linked back to dish names as...
  10. F

    Using English-Chinese flashcards with words with similar definitions

    Hi everyone, I've only just started using flashcards partway through learning Chinese, so I have a few questions about using English-Chinese flashcards. They sound like they'd help a lot with getting better at retrieving vocab when speaking/writing, but some words seem to have a pretty similar...
  11. Y

    1000 most common characters flashcards

    Hi, I am trying to make a Flashcards folder with the first 1000 characters from this list. I can import the txt version of this webpage to Pleco no problem, but this does not create flashcards directly. It seems the flashcard folder needs to be an XML file. I really don't want to manually add...
  12. casskaydee

    Ankidroid flashcards - head word only exports in plain text

    I have the following configuration in Settings/Modules/Flashcards: Flashcard System: AnkiDroid New Card Deck: Chinese Default New Card Model (word): Chinese Configure Card Models: Chinese Use for word duplicate checking: [X] User for sentence duplicate checking: [X] Question Include Fields...
  13. Ledu

    Anyway to increase font size within the flashcards program?

    On my tablet I can easily see the text. However, if I am without my tablet and just studying with my phone the text is tiny. The best workaround when I don't have my tablet with me is to increase everything 30+ in the font settings and then go to reivew cards in Organize Cards. The rest of...
  14. Ledu

    Statistics: Cards learned... Per Day?

    If I click on "Statistics" and then "Flashcards" on the top, and then choose a scorefile, it will list the supposed amounts of cards I learned for the day. I am studying several categories and not using SRS. I feel the number shown is not accurate. I have a spread sheet to keep track of how...
  15. D

    Remembering Simplifed Hanzi in CSV format for ChatGPT Story Writing?

    I am using Remembering Simplified Hanzi (RSH) to learn my characters. There are a lot of nice Graded Readers available based on the HSK levels, but RSH doesn’t follow HSK character order, so after learning the first 1,000 characters with RSH there isn’t a lot of joy in trying to work with a...
  16. K

    Iphone Shortcut for Pleco Flashcards

    Hi, I want to add pleco Flashcards in the iPhone shortcut but I can't find a way to do that. Is there a way to add pleco flashcards to the shortcut?
  17. javierrayon89

    How can I search in my flashcards, to validate if I have added a word before?

    Hi Pleco fam, How can I search in my flashcards, to validate if I have added a word before? I had been creating my own categories and flashcards, until today I tried Importing the pre-made HSK flashcards. It's natural that now I have a few duplicated. When I stumble upon an unknown word...
  18. Half an Avocado

    Flashcards for Taiwan Benchmarks for the Chinese Language (TBCL) vocabulary

    Introduction The attached file contains flashcards for all the vocabulary (>14,425 entries in total) found on the official website for the TBCL data sets hosted by the National Academy for Educational Research in Taiwan categorized by their respective levels. There are more entries in the text...
  19. E

    iCloud sync deprecation

    Hi, After not having used the flashcard module in quite some time, I launched it today and receive warnings that iCloud sync has been deprecated. I searched this forum and the Apple app store version history updates, but did not find any reference to this. Could you share more details as to...
  20. U

    Feature request: mark candidates from flashcard database in dictionary search results

    When looking at initial dictionary, search results, I'd find it very handy to have entries already in my flash card database marked, as I have marked 排 in the attached screen grab.