1. P


    Hi, for the headword audio, I can alternate between male and female voice. However, for sentence audio, I only have Apple Mandarin Female. Is it normal? Is there a way to add the male voice as well? (Under the voice submenu, “cycle voices” is checked even though there is only one voice available )
  2. M

    Tts not working since latest update

    I was doing my daily vocab review and the tts is not working anymore. When I go to settings there's no tts engine I can choose from even though I have qiang text to speech installed. Usually I rely on google text to speech but it's not working in plexi anymore. It's installed on my phone though...
  3. P

    Issues and inaccuracies with Cantonese TTS handling characters with multiple tones?

    I am wondering how Pleco incorporates Google TTS with the dictionaries. I notice some inaccuracies for Cantonese. In the example below for 咪, the Google TTS pronounces both mai6 and mai1 as mai6. In the next example for 聽, both the popup at the bottom and the sentence itself marks the...
  4. D

    Text To Speech - Chinese Language iOS vs English iOS

    I bought the Audio Pronunciation (male) some time ago. Today I compared the pronunciation on my iPhone running the current iOS against my Taiwan (working in China) teacher’s Pleco TTS pronunciation with no add on modules. My speech is ‘choppy’, perhaps as expected from the 11 MB download size...
  5. Xyde

    My experiences with Pleco -> Anki droid. Some improvements that Pleco could use.

    I've put off studying Chinese for a while, but in lights of some obligations had to get back at it. Luckily, Pleco has some TTS... And god damn the new TTS sound so great, especially Qiang, so sexyyyyyyy---- <- this right here is a motivator. New husbando FTW. In lights of attempting a new...