2.3.2/3/4 Released

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Get it here as usual, or in Android Market.

A somewhat bigger update than 2.3.1 - if another bug-fix release is needed we'll do one, otherwise our next release will probably be a more major update designed to sync up with the Big iPhone Update (or to try out some new features from that update for a week or two before submitting it to Apple). We posted another update, 2.3.3, a few hours later to actually fix the stroke order crash we'd thought we'd fixed in 2.3.2, and yet another one, 2.3.4, to roll back one of the 2.3.2 changes that caused problems for a lot of Android 4.0 users, due to some weird things Google decided to start doing with the interface window for their voice recognizer. (we wouldn't be putting out so many updates, but since Google lets us release them instantly instead of waiting a week for them to get reviewed, we figure we might as well fix significant bugs as soon as we find them)

New Features

  • Added a new "Update Text" option to the flashcard duplicate handling prompt, and new dupe-handling options in Settings to do it automatically. This will change the text of the existing / matching card to that of your current dictionary entry. We've added this in response to a bunch of feedback we've gotten lately from people who don't like the fact that when you add an existing card to a new category, the card keeps its old definition even if you prefer the definition you just selected - mainly a problem if you import a big list of flashcards but then later start adding more cards individually as you look at dictionary entries.
  • Added similar "Update" options to import duplicate handling as well.
  • Added database backup and restore commands to Flashcards.
  • Added a button to let you override the "purchase pending" error when attempting to buy an Android Market add-on while Pleco thinks that another purchase is still in progress.
  • Made the flashcard "import" command continue running even when Pleco is put into the background - when you reopen, however, it will immediately pop up an import dialog (rather than letting you continue to use the dictionary during the import), since the system hasn't yet been redesigned to let you continue doing searches / manually adding flashcards / etc with an import in progress.

Design Tweaks

  • Improved the positioning / sizing of buttons in the popup reader bubble.
  • (removed in 2.3.4) Made the system switch to keyboard input mode after using the voice recognizer with input open (since otherwise you'd have to switch modes to see the results).
  • Improved the positioning of icons on flashcard tone practice test buttons (which were a bit off-center vertically before).
  • Eliminated the confusing "Downloaded but not purchased" section in "Add-ons" - now those items will appear in the same place they appeared before you downloaded them, they'll just have an "already downloaded" after their names instead of a file size.
  • Made the progress dialog for the initial package download not quite so ridiculously wide on large-screen tablets.
  • Made downloading the demo version of a bundle in Add-ons jump you to the "D/Ls" tab so you can see the download progress.
  • Renamed the "Save" button in flashcard category selection to "OK," and (2.3.4) changed it so that it now saves whenever you press the back button and only discards your changes on "Cancel."

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed (again) a crashing bug that mostly occurred when entering handwriting strokes on devices running Android 4.0.x.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when the option to "allow extra characters" is turned off in Search Settings.
  • Attempted (2.3.2 and again in 2.3.3) to fix an unreproducible crashing bug in stroke order flashcard tests by adding extra checks / fixes everywhere that it might possibly be lurking.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the flashcard + button in combined results + definition mode to add a card based on the dictionary used in the search results, rather than the one selected in the definition panel, and that likewise caused that + button to fail to reflect the flashcard-added status of the dictionary + definition selected in the definition panel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Pleco to simply do nothing when launching OCR from the OCR Launcher app on a device without OCR installed.
  • Fixed a crashing bug involving blank flashcards in Organize Cards.
  • Fixed a bug that made the "grayed-out" switch dictionary button in combined results + definition mode look identical to the non-grayed out one when in Night Mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused words tapped on at the very top of the screen in fullscreen English-Chinese definitions to be hidden behind the top toolbar, even when it's possible to move them below it by scrolling.
  • Fixed a crashing bug relating to "Send"ing some types of images to the Pleco still image OCR system.
  • Fixed a bug that caused still image OCR to crash instead of gracefully exiting on some types of out-of-memory errors.
  • Fixed a number of display glitches relating to "pron mode" being set to "skip" - that will now hide pronunciation from items in the Entry List (without having to separately configure it), and will also hide them in ABC/PLC (and soon other) example sentences without leaving any weird parentheses / numbers / etc behind. And hyperlinks that rely on having some sort of pronunciation text to work correctly will now show pronunciation even with "skip" turned on.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented disabling the "1-char for 1-char" option from taking effect on character (but not Pinyin) searches.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when exporting XML flashcards that have had their priority or "force add" / "exclude" status changed from their default value.
  • (2.3.3) Fixed a bug that made flashcards that linked to demo version dictionaries show up totally blank instead of still showing their headword + Pinyin as they would for a dictionary that wasn't installed.
  • (2.3.3) Cleaned up the delete confirmation dialogs in Organize Cards.
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