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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TaiwanSwedey, Jan 19, 2014.

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    I am old user of Pleco and I haven't studied Chinese now for 3-4 years but I am thinking of starting up again. I now have Pleco installed on my Xperia X1 Windows phone but I assume my old version is not supported anymore. I am thinking of buying a new Android phone. To be honest I really enjoyed using Pleco with the stylus pen and I am a bit skeptical of using it with a finger touch screen. Maybe I am old-fashioned but I wonder is it still possible to use Pleco with a stylus pen and are there any Android phones out there that have stylus pens and that would work?
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    Hi TaiwanSwedey,

    I can't answer your direction directly, but after using Palm and Windows Mobile with Styluses for years, I was skeptical too, but eventually moved on to an Android and iOS devices. I did not miss the stylus at all, and found it more convenient to just use a finger. It was always a pain in the butt when I was running across the street, studying on Pleco, and then the stylus flies out into the middle of the street.
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