Antonyms synonyms not displayed no more???

Hello I would first like to thank you for the great product you're offering.

I'm a bit sad and disappointed today because my last phone broke and I had to reinstall it to the new one... And on the new version I don't see the antonyms nor synonyms displayed in the word section anymore... This was SUCH a great help to me

Is there anyway to make it appear back again there? I've tried to look it up but couldn't find it... Should I reinstall an older version?


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No, I'm afraid that was a matter of us not renewing our license for that data (too expensive + too many problems) so there's no way to get it even in an older version. We are hoping to offer a better thesaurus add-on in the future, though.


I have to say that the synonyms and antonyms feature in the "Words" section was one of the MOST useful features for me.

I can already read a significant number of individual characters, so the focus for me has been on increasing my general vocabulary. With the synonyms / antonyms feature I can easily and quickly learn adjacent vocabulary to add nuance to my current stock of words. PLEASE bring this feature back - either in its original form or in a newer better thesaurus (as you mentioned above).

Thank you!


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Possibly, but we'd have to have data that was of high enough quality for us to charge for them.

Also, frankly the decision to release them free before was kind of stupid in that it's now created an environment where if we launch substantially the same thing but as a paid add-on people will be up in arms about how we're charging for something we used to give away; the baseline has to be higher.


Well, I still have the old data in mine - but if you release it as a paid on addition, I'll happily pay for it.

It's only a data point, and not something to base your business off of, but just letting you know.