Are there supposed to be posts here with Documents?

Why are there no posts here? I was wondering if someone could post some sample documents here to test out the document reading function.

Thank you.


mmm... that site seems to be inaccessible - possibly just some temporary problems, however... there is some mirror, anywhere?

I've been "fighting" this problem for a couple weeks. It's basically a DNS issue. Right now, it looks like one of the two (external - hence little control) DNS servers just doesn't "like" the entire server. That means it's on again / off again.

I'm going to drop the second DNS server (which is contrary to recommended practices) for a while to see if that fixes it.

I checked it about 10 hours ago and it was OK then.

Really sorry about this.

If you DO get access <smile>, I've added a number of video and other resource links. Hopefully will be more of that coming too.

Anyone interested in posting content can also contact me directly at tabletguy AT panlogicsoftware DOT com

Well, I made another configuration change, so we will see how it goes.

One thing that would help is to know the location of anyone reporting "unable to access" errors. For example, right now in Harbin China I can access the site, while through a VPN on the west coast I cannot. However, using a web based visual route tracer in Los Angeles CA, I can also get to the box using Host Trace mode.

You can help me by tracing from your location using this web page:

There are TWO modes of tracing "Host" and "Proxy". Enter "" as the address, and then click "Proxy" to test from your computer location (approximately). The "Host" one, as mentioned, tests from Los Angeles. You could repeat that if you wish to ensure the site is working.

Again, feel free to send reports directly to me at tabletguy AT panlogicsoftware DOT com if you wish.