buying pleco for iphone.

Hi. I had Pleco on a palm pilot for my years in school but it was recently stolen along with my backpack. I want to get it back. I am thinking though, that I dont want another Palm because that is the only thing I used it for. So, I am thinking about getting an iphone, which I can use for Pleco and numerous other things.

However, as I am following the instructions on how to get pleco on iphone, I am referred to the iphone website with no clear instructions on what to do next. I search for Pleco and Plecodict on their website and No results turn up. It appears as if Pleco is not even supported.

Any ideas?

When following the directions, I am referred to this site: ... scache%3D1

I also searched at the apps store. No Pleco to be found. :?


Staff member
It might be that your version of iTunes is out of date, or that it won't let you browse applications until you've succesfully set up an iPhone / iPod to sync with it; try updating to the latest version of iTunes and seeing if it's then possible to search for Pleco.