CC-Canto Launch

Helped me a lot since I'm staying in Guangzhou. Hope it get the audio part, because sometimes is hard to read the YPin and guess the tone.
I've also used it quite a bit - very useful in combination with Screen Reader / OCR for checking unfamiliar characters in written Cantonese messages. :)
Hi there Mike, I haven't been on this forum in years, probably 6 years? I was hassling you about adding Cantonese and I'm so thrilled with all the work you've put into the Canto project (and I subscribed to all the things). At the time I wrote in, I was trying to get my son through kindy. He's just started at secondary school this week, and while he's in the 'NCS' class (non-Chinese for Secondary Diploma Exam purposes), he's been accepted into the Local/ mainstream/native speaker stream of Chinese lessons for Forms 1-3.
His little sister has always loved the stroke-order quiz and she's now in Primary 2 of a Canto school. And I'm doing a language-based project in Psych and using the dictionaries in Pleco to check on varieties of meanings (and mistakes in the CHILDES archive translations). Pleco lives on the bottom part of my iPhone screen where the 'use all the time' apps go. I'm still trundling slowly along a Canto path as the children streak past me. Cantonese is a wonderful language and worthy of resources.

I wanted to stop in and say thank you for listening! And thank you for all your work.


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No problem! Glad to hear you're still finding our app useful (and that we were able to help on the Cantonese count).